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Return On Investment

TTM GROUP (Pty) Ltd. is a Johannesburg-based ICT company focused on services and solutions within the customer experience, employee engagement and workforce optimization.

The company’s solution offering is designed primarily to automate each process within the contact center and customer experience including phone calls, SMS, e-mail, social or web chat.


With TTM you get a partner
that understands how each channel of communication can drive efficiencies.

While off the shelf solutions fill a specific need in the market, your digital business and its communication requirements demand something more unique.

We have the best technology

TTM is proving to be the customer experience platform of the future. Built on a microservices architecture that allows for high velocity feature development and resiliency, TTM is everything you need in a single pane of glass. Adding functionality doesn’t mean a new complex integration to build and maintain; it means flipping a switch and now it’s in the interface you already know how to use. Everything from IVR, agent management, digital channels, reporting and dashboards, scripting, outbound campaigns — it all blends together into a cohesive solution that expands to meet your needs on the fly, as your business changes.

Faster time-to-value

One of TTM Cloud’s best qualities is how easily it’s adopted. It was developed with User Experience (UX) in mind from the beginning so that it’s easy to onboard new users and less expensive to train. Also, we’ll use automation tools that can perform the technical part of the migration up to 60% faster than any competitor. We can export your system configuration from any legacy platform, and then import it into our Cloud solution in days, not weeks. None of our competitors can offer this.

Smooth commercial transition

The commercial incentives in our offer are things our cloud competitors can’t match, and we know you. Starting over with a rip and replace on another vendor’s platform would not only take far more time, it would incur more cost than going to TTM Cloud offering.

Need a Proof of Concept?

All too often, time and money is invested in large scale implementations that either don’t deliver the proposed benefits or that do not meet the technical expectations. While initial computer telephony integration (CTI) deployments often do meet the business objectives for which they were originally designed, in today’s fast moving contact interaction management environment, it’s also critical to have the means to maintain flexibility, ensure cost effectiveness, and meet changing business goals.

This step includes a system architecture implementation path that will demonstrate the feasibility of the concept. Once this path is defined, the PoC team will begin to construct a solution that is uniquely designed for your environment.

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Our Contact Centre Cloud Solution

TTM Cloud Key Features to Highlight



Solution Cloud Offering

See how TTM Cloud simplifies customer communications across all channels: voice, email, chat — even co-browsing.

Key features to highlight:

  • Easy all-in-one interface
  • Interactions on key channels
  • Escalations between channels
  • Complete interaction histories
  • Performance view
  • Schedule view


Solution Cloud Offering

Get real-time insights into everything from workloads and performance to customer satisfaction to optimize operations.

Key features to highlight:

  • Queue views
  • Real-time analytics
  • Custom dynamic dashboards
  • Supervisor mobile app
  • Performance evaluations
  • Forecasting & scheduling


Solution Cloud Offering

Discover how a single, simple admin interface makes it easy to configure and edit routing strategies, users and settings

Key features to highlight:

  • Single admin interface
  • User management
  • Flow and queue strategy
  • Canned responses
  • Custom in-built apps


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